Stimky Foxxo Does Stoof

> aboutme

 About Me

                Preferred Names: /Gïng(ka|er){0,1}/ Pepper
                Age: N/A
                Gender: Fluid
                Sex: ??????
                Pronouns: Ask
                Orientation: Bi
                Location: Universe 2, Quadrant C, Sector B
                Do I know you? No.
                PGP Pawprint:
                33A8 1E0A 9FD6 6E1B 5D02 7649 5F47 E26A 5D22 1AEC

> bio

龎 Bio

:GingBlep: Hai! I'm a stimky internet fox! I write code, do crime, and steal your garlic bread :GingkaCreep:
I main JS, although I'm happy in most langs uwu
I like making stupid scripts and bending JS to my will, you can see some samples in the source for this page (one being this emote system :GingHappy:)
I speedrun WipEout Pure, slowly getting into running 2048 too uwu

I also make music! I seem to have stuck with Trap and early 2000s Hardstyle, but I like to dabble in everything :owo:
My Audius is linked below, along with my other socials!

> contact

󰛋 Contact

                Lemmy: soon
                Masto: maybe (likely not)
                󰘨 Matrix: 
                󰇮 Email: gingkagingerpepper [at] icloud [dot] com

> commissions

Music Commissions

I do take music commissions. I do Hardstyle, Trap, and Techno, and the price ranges from USD$40 to USD$80 (or the equivalent in an accepted crypto) depending on complexity.

If you decide to commission me, I'll need a general mood of your track with reference songs. I do NOT do vocals, though I can use pre-existing vocals (that would bump the price by USD$25). If you want custom cover art that'll bump the price by whatever the chosen artist to create the covers prices are.

During the creation of your track, I'll send WIPs for your input, and once it's done to your liking and I receive payment I'll send the .mp3 (320 kbps) and .wav.

On Hold

Code Commissions

I also write code on commission. I can do just about anything in JavaScript, including Discord bots.

My prices start at a base of USD$150, and will increase depending on the complexity of the project. Any updates past the original details will have a USD$50 charge.

When I'm commissioned, I require the details to be fully laid out, preferably in a Trello board.

Terms and Conditions

I will not use lewd sounds in my comissions. You can do anything you want to the track once it's finished except resell without my explicit permission. I do reserve the right to use and edit the finished product for myself if I choose. (CC-BY-NC-4.0)


Payment in fiat will be conducted through Zelle or PayPal, whichever is easier. USD only.

With crypto payment, the accepted coins are listed in the Wallets section.

If you're paying in crypto, it will only be accepted after 3 to 5 confirmations, depending on the chain used.


You can contact me via Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Matrix, or email.

> currentsetup

󰌢 Current Setup

            2020 MacBook Pro (13"):
            16GB RAM
            Intel Core i5
            EndeavourOS :eos:

            MIDI Devices:
            Akai Pro MPK Mini MKII
            Korg NanoKontrol2

            4TB Western Digital easyStore HDD
            Logitech g502 HERO (wired)
            j5create 7-port USB Hub

> wallets

󰖄 Wallet Addresses

If you enjoy what I do, feel free to send a bit of crypto :3

Click on an address to insert it into your clipboard! Make sure the addresses are correct, especially on Windows, as there is malware that will replace addresses with the address of the attacker.

All coins:

For wallets that do not support ENS resolution, see below.

BTC Lightning (preferred):
or ask for invoice

BTC (preferred):



> otherpages

Other Pages

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